Women you are not responsible for men’s bad behavior…

Women you are not responsible for men’s bad behavior, It is men’s responsibility to change their own bad behaviors!

Women’s experiences have been common throughout the world and can no longer be ignored, time’s up! You are not over thinking, no you are not overreacting, and this is definitely not just the way it is. Time’s up for all of those misconceptions.

Our culture is shifting and it’s time! My fellow women and our gentlemen we are here together within this defined space of this large-scale movement towards gender equality! And as we envision a future that does not yet exist, we both have different responsibilities. ‘Allies actually’.

And we have to work together towards the change we envision for ourselves, our children and generations to follow.


Thank you! Really, to all of those kinds who support us in everyway possible and encourage us to attain what our heart desires, inspire us to dream big and show us the way. But it’s a wake-up call for the kinds who still think they own us, and we are dependent on them.

May you be accountable and self-reflective, compassionate and open.

May you ask how you can support a woman and be of service to change.

May you get help if you need it!

And women,

I urge you to empower each other instead of looking for reasons to pull each other down. May you acknowledge your emotions of rage in safe places of resonance, in ways that are kind and harmless to others. Your rage is not something to be afraid of – it holds lifetimes of wisdom and suffering if I may say so… let it breathe and listen, your life is yours, learn to put yourself first!

When women gather with an intent to uplift, to support, to care, to create, to encourage, to empower to love and to adore eachother; the power becomes enormous, results into something to be really proud of and the impact very strong

Jyoti Singh

With this in mind and action, no, you are not being selfish, pushy, controlling, relentless, aggressive, stubborn or a nag. And no, you should not be condemned for thinking for yourselves, owning yourselves, your experiences, your body or even your lives. Your boldness must not be seen as threatening and scary whether or not it coincides with what patriarchal norms have been defining.

No, you are not here to be of service to others, it has to be your choice.

No, we are not the victims of our guardian’s anxiousness that may have got us tagged as dependent, feeble, delicate or even a scaredy-cat.

No, our destiny is not to live in the shadow of men.

And we are not willing to have our voices stifled.

Be your own support – own your power, your glory, your sexuality, you are worthy of all the love and respect in the world. Let’s once again consciously pay attention to the realities of our lives and the audacity of your dreams instead of the expectation of what most of us were raised with.

With your commitment and perseverance anything impossible becomes possible. Wonders happen when you lay your hands over something! Our world needs more of your participation wherever remains a disparity. Be the brave you, perfection can wait! Roll your sleeves up and jump in, to Fire fight, join the Army or the Navy or the Airforce or the Police Force to strengthen the nation’s safety net. Let’s help shape the world better by more of us leading industries and more of us becoming the part of Executive team and Board members. Come forward to increase the skill count in the fields of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) after all, it’s the women today who use social media more and are the biggest influencer in the Internet world! More consumer purchases done today are by women. So why not build the companies of tomorrow where we have well balanced diverse teams and who have incredible women that are part of its science, technology and engineering groups.

Let’s embrace the beauty in bravery, you may well keep those beautiful nails, hair and makeup if that’s what you prefer, but don’t ever lose sleep over shape of your body or the shade of your complexion that you once wished you had. The real beauty lies in your acceptance of yourself, the embodied woman/girl you are, in your glorious stance saying, ‘this is me’. Reach out for the height of our own reverberation and selfness in full bloom. Remind yourself time and again and most of all in the times when you feel low that ‘you are complete’.

Now is the time to let out that brave, beautiful, glorious and powerful self which has been in you, at the back of your mind and in your heart longing to come out.

Take care my fellow women! Of your desires, longings, choices, your fears, your future and most importantly of your own self…

Happy Woman’s Day 🌸

Love and power always to you 💖


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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