Medical community – Thank you for everything!🙏🏻

Thank you, to the entire Medical community for everything you have done to keep us in the pink of health and to assure us that no matter what you are there for us!

However tough the person or situation; you figure out a way to deal with us without judging anyone based on their — understanding of the matter, beliefs, attitude, ethnicity, appearance, religion or tone of voice.

You all are the real heroes! who help make magic happen every day!

Each of you are much more than the titles you get awarded after your years of learning. You are the best collaborators when you all work with the entire medical team to find the right solution for every situation. You all have been protectors to put interventions in place that protects us patients from harm as you guard our personal space when we are unconscious or disabled or when we need peace and quiet. You are a guide who helps us understand what must happen next for our healthy lifestyle. You are a healer because you sit and listen to us when we need to talk to fix what is broken. You do the magic just by holding our hand and listening to us patients when in need. You are a teacher as you share your knowledge with us new parents, as we learn to care for a child, to make sure we understand your treatment plan, as you educate us and our family so we can continue our care at home with confidence. You are a leader who leads the change for us. You are caring. You are strong. You are a friend. You are trusted. And you are innovative as ever.

The dedication and skill that you possess to care for your patients and compassion you treat them with is beyond my understanding. You are all such motivators, supporters, innovators and experts. No matter what the situation, whether you are to attend someone who; …

…may have been dreading their appointment, fearing they left it too long.

…may have been happy believing, partner’s surgery gone well and looking forward to going home and resting but you may have something else to share!

…is in urgent need of a transplant but it’s not just the medical aspect you need to worry about – you need to do the convincing job too.

…has a young family member on life support, so it’s not just about explaining the technicalities of it.

…is a fragile individual who doesn’t completely understand everything explained or narrated, so you work it out – how to break it down to simplify it better for them.

…is too shocked to comprehend treatment options.

…have been waiting for hours to see you and is now frustrated.

…have a terminally ill loved one admitted.

…possibly are visiting someone very close for the last time.

…is in critical care and has a desire to celebrate their special day with family.

…is a worried family member, about how he/she will care for this new condition at home.

…is recently divorced.

…just found out they are going to be parents after waiting for years.

…have an important family wedding coming up and is determined to be there.

…is worried about the expenses required for the treatment.

…met with a serious accident and is far-far away from home.

…really is longing to hold her Newborn, who has been in incubator for weeks.

…has something alarming in their mammogram.

…is super excited about becoming illness free. Finally!

…has this constant throbbing pain, which doesn’t go away

…got diagnosed with malignant Tumour.

…is violent, abusive and just not ready to cooperate.

…is a criminal!

You stand in everyone’s shoes, each and every time, hear what they hear, feel what they feel, and deal with them dynamically regardless of how personally you yourself are feeling in that moment.

It could have been your first vacation in years tomorrow and you can’t share that excitement because you may be dealing with someone who is in deep melancholy. You must be nearing the end of 12 hours shift but a patient just got admitted in an emergency so you can’t rush with your duties, let alone the freshness and alertness you have to keep intact not just on your face but in actions too. You may be working in children’s ward and you are the one who always wanted child of your own. You are a person who is pro hygiene but have to fix hundreds of decays on a daily basis. This may be a day of your lowest moment, but you make sure to motivate and inspire others so they can stand on their own feet and walk. You may have enormous problems in your own personal lives, but you give patients and families all the comfort and strength. You provide a caring touch and countless smiles and you do it all so selflessly, all day and every day; because you see the world through the eyes of your patients first.

In my life, so far, I have come across a lot of incredible Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Dietitians, Chemists, Radiologists, Pathologists, Nutritionists, Housekeeping & Cafeteria staff, Medical Equipment Engineers, Helpers, the list can go on and on and there’s not a single person in this fraternity who doesn’t need to be appreciated.

Although many a times when we’re unwell and a lot is going on within, we tend to take it all out on you and your team; we expect our doctors, nurses and everyone to know of our frustration. There I’ve had my moments as well, especially when it had been concerning my daughter’s treatment. Now thinking all about it, I am realising how wonderful will it be if we can really step up, be kind, polite and just really appreciate what you all do, as we know you try your best to help us. You don’t want to see us unwell and you definitely don’t want us to suffer. We also need to accept that you all are human beings too whose practices are based on science, which has it’s own limitations. If we just give some of that amiability and pass it around, I believe that our healthcare system would be a much-much better place. The more love and light we give the more we are going to get back. After all what we give is what we get!

As a patient (past & future) and citizen of this world this is my chance to say thank you to all of you in Medical community, and also on the behalf of many others;

For welcoming us, each and every time

For the long, your very long days

For the late and the late nights

For your hard work and your time

For your kindness all along

For your attention to details simultaneously for everyone

For helping us & our families to be able to smile

For keeping us fed with what’s good for us and our speedy recovery in the hospital

For being a helping hand with my difficulties and disabilities

For the way you make us feel comfortable

For your dedication & devotion towards better health, irrespective of odds and uncertainties

For keeping things running

For your concern & sincerity

For being our lifelines

For making sure we have clean and well-equipped facilities

For reminding us it’s going to be okay and then making sure it is

For all the treatments & healing but most importantly for our and our loved one’s health

For addressing us by our names & remembering them even thou we were your nth patient of the day

And for everything else that I can’t even think of…

So, to all the medical team that has been for us from throughout the world but mainly here in UK to the entire team of NHS (National Health Service) and Private practices, I really want to thank you all from the bottom my heart for taking such great care of all us in these difficult times. You all are awesome! And we are ever so grateful to you all for improving the lives and communities around, every day. Take a bow! May you all live a safe and healthy life too 🙏🏻


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