Greatest gift of my life is being your Mum 💝

Being your Mum fills me with immense happiness and pleasure, a feeling of completeness and a sense of pride of my own existence. Thank you for this honour my love…

Jyoti Singh

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that you know you are loved, and that I will always be with you, no matter what! By your side.

I absolutely treasure our time together that we spend in complete transparency and acceptability for each other. It’s so much fun to see you blush and feel slightly embarrassed when I very casually share something completely out of the blue and obscured and you slowly understand the context of it which sometimes has depth and sometimes, mere a fun fact. It comforts me seeing you asking me anything for that you want to know about or just to confirm — initially with a shy smile but soon both of us dwelling in the comfort zone of our heart to heart conversation like two besties. This for me is the true meaning of, ‘our love has no boundaries’ and this is why; I am always with you my love – In your highs and lows, your successes and failures, your achievements and learnings, in your joys and sorrows, in your yeses and your no’s, in your pain and healing, in your good and bad, in your sureties and insecurities, in everything just as you are in mine.

Your wildness is the cutest! Especially when you come up with those crazy ideas of makeup and dressing, just so we can laugh together. I love the fact that you are not afraid of being laughed at. Your sincerity and dedication towards your friends are commendable, as I always say to you, your real friends will really understand and value the depth of your friendship. I know as a growing up girl you have your own issues between peer groups, but you never let it affect you in a way that turns you into a mean one. Everyone you meet I know remembers you as a caring, helpful, generous, kind-hearted and a friendly person, I do too. You are conscious about many things and you also make mistakes but that’s ok, as I said we are in it together. We will keep holding on to each other, no matter what.

No, I am not doubting your capabilities by accepting the fact that I don’t expect anything from you; not for scoring top marks, not expecting you to win any medals or trophies, not at all expecting you to keep me happy! You may well do all of these and we will celebrate each of these success and learnings together, but I want you to know all of these needs to be your own choice, your own decision and your own responsibilities towards your own self, without any pressure or burden. You are not my ‘mini me’ to lead on to my path and to do upon my unfulfilled wishes and achievements. You are a sovereign being, who is just like her own beautiful self in every way. You have a beautiful personality of yourself and I love you for just the way you are!

I always know, when in your head you think of me as a preacher and wish that chapter or my lines got over quickly. But that’s ok, I realise you don’t understand the contexts of it all now; these are the pieces of jigsaw puzzles that will come handy and will come into perspective as you progress further in life. You don’t need to thank me for that ever, even when it all starts making sense to you. I am here also as your guide, as your philosopher and that’s part of our relationship (let’s say these are mandatory boring bits and part of our relationship :). The experiences that you would have gained applying some of these guidance and principals will be your own; which you have gained with every action or decision you would have made in every situation of your life. It would have been your decision to pick and put the jigsaws together to complete the puzzles that comes your way. I am here to empower you, to make you aware of the unknowns and in the process there’s a lot I don’t know either, but we have and will figure it out together.

As part of one of my constant preaching do remember to not let anyone else have your remote control! You own your body, your soul and most importantly your feelings, no one ever can have control over it.

We are both blessed to have such a compassionate man in our lives, whom I call Anu, my Husband and you call him Papa, Paapu, Dadda, sometimes your brother and sometimes your fun Buddy!! I love the bond you both share; understand and uplift each other and sometimes fight and argue as siblings often do! Hahaha… Your best preferred partner to clarify any of your academics doubts and to please you with whatever you demand! You are such a Daddy’s girl and I love it! Coz I am too, and I completely know the joy and essence of it. So, while you both gang up against me especially when I choose to wear a saree for any occasion, I enjoy your expressions of resentments and when I am ready how you both compete for who can click a better picture, just to please me. I am blessed with you both in my life. And we make a perfect family together!

The other day when we were trying to convince you to try something new that you had not eaten before and the conversation drifted to finding your association with a specific group, I am still in awe how cleverly you put a full stop to it by saying ‘I am not X and I am not Y, I am me’ that was one of the many moments when you actually made me reflect on my belief and change my views. Your being yourself and keep trying for what you really want is my favourite attitude of your’s. There are many such moments when you without realising teach me so many things and I simply look at you in amazement. Out of everything you have taught me my favourite still remains, what Parenting really is!

Be yourself my darling, own your story and love yourself. Be patient with yourself and appreciate everything you find along the way. Care for and respect everyone you meet along. Continue to live a happy and healthy life to the fullest as you do now; and that truly is my best gift for every Mother’s day, moment, month, year and forever. Even if we’re apart, I will always be with you…

Love and Light always to you my princess 💖

Mumma 🤗😘💞 xxxx


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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