Oh Rainbow!!🌈

Oh Rainbow!! To me, like many others, you are a symbol of hope and a promise of sunny spells!! An array of brilliant colours where dreams come true and troubles melt like lemon drops.

Is it true that,

Buried is a pot of gold by Leprechauns where you end…

Or are you a pathway leading to the light and the heavens…

Are you the very brightly coloured snake that appears to stop the rain…

A bridge that soul boats use for the journey to the spiritual realm…

A crack in the sky, that mother goddess Nüwa made by cast of five coloured stones…

Or the highest state that everyone yearns for before attaining Nirvana…

Do you simply serve as a belt of Tir, a crown of Ix Chel and Ninurta, an archer’s bow for Indra or the hem of the sun’s coat as per Cherokee…

Are you the key reminder to the God about the pledge they took for not destroying the world by the means of floodwater…

Were you the bridge that our human ancestors took to descend on to the planet?

Can you really mean harm, and to the extent where some prohibit their children from looking at you? A dangerous demon that could eat children? A malign spirit that can hurt one’s skin?

Dare someone touch you becomes a “Planetnik” – half-demonic creature by being drawn to heavens?

Curved with the magical powers to change genders, if someone managed to walk under?

A beautiful symbol when Bears get married…

In recent times you also became preferred one to reflect Pride in diversity.

A myriad of beliefs concerning you in every culture, some good and some bad. Yet, each time you emerge all elusive and unpredictable with your glistening colours to display solidarity and marking a time of great and much needed change!

But you became my outmost favourite since kids started painting you to show their support towards the real life heroes and our only hope of light at the end of this darkest tunnel.

Love and light all along…

Jyoti Singh


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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