Heartbeat away… 💗

Our hearts came together,

so love can last forever…

When God created you, my Angel,

He sure must have been smiling his broadest smile at me!

Now I realise there is so much more to life

than just how I have ever felt before

and that’s probably why,

In my life I have never been so sure of anything more,

We were meant to be together and that’s for sure 💞

I must thou confess, that I am the lucky one to be with you,

And feel so blessed when with so much ease you confide in me everything big and small.

I will continue to believe in you and your dreams forever, as each of those swiftly becomes mine too my dear…

And promise that, wherever the time may lead you and whatever you choose to do,

With all my heart I’ll be there too, within you, through you…

I love you more than any of my gestures can show or words could speak,

perhaps something only my heart could express and yours can understand 💞

Ever, if a thick cloud surrounds you, and you are in need of a guide, a philosopher or a friend or simply someone who could point you towards the rainbow,

Then just close your eyes and tap into your heart, to find me holding you strong, standing right beside you;

Because the furthest I can ever be from you my darling, is mere a heartbeat away… 💗

Jyoti Singh


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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