The Year of 2❤️2💔

Learnings of 2020 – “While past remains a memory, future becomes a wish, so all we really have in the moment is our present and we got to value every bit of it.” – Jyoti Singh

This year!!! Has been something else! A lot more than anything else – A thunderstorm actually! And each of us had to go through it together baring the impacts it made in several ways. While the thunder and lightning kept striking, hope constantly kept smiling from the thresholds of every adversary, and whispered- it will all get better soon.

The year showed us all the things clearly that we normally take for granted – Whether it’s meeting up with friends & family and hugging them, let alone being able to celebrate anything with them, or even dropping off our kids as we are used to at school, we’ve now come to regard these things as the luxuries they always have been and to the realisation that freedom comes with it’s own price tag.

I don’t mean to neglect the serious impacts of the situation; many have lost loved ones, many had to deal with serious challenges that the health issues brought along, many also had to helplessly watch the loved ones suffer through it, and countless people lost their jobs due to the uncertainties that economic conditions brought.

Whatever your experience has been, I think it’s wise for us to consciously choose how we respond to a situation like this – the question is do we let feelings of depression and deprivation rule our minds? Or are we going to choose to look at the things we do, have and the miraculous ways in which us humans can adapt to changing circumstances? — Our ability to evolve as species has been dependent on our abilities to adapt. And those of us who work on the ability to adapt don’t just survive, but enthral the opportunity to thrive.

Yes, we’ve been forced to adapt this year, and alongside of all the misery the Coronavirus has caused, I’ve also seen the amazing things we’re all capable of as humans when sheer necessity forces us to build creative solutions and find new ways to stay connected with each other – whether it has been through a common interest, a hobby, compassion or creative mode of technology – we have made good use of it all this year.

Indeed, the situation is now worst than we have been estimating and it’s not over yet, but history proves, we have faced hardships in the past, adapted, and built a better world each time, and thou every year brings its own unique set of victories and defeats, struggles and joys, the good amidst all the bad I have seen in this 2020 is that,

◦ It encouraged us to develop the ability to face and rise above our adversities with patience and empathy – the world is capable of changing in a week, in a day!

◦ Happiness doesn’t lie in possessions! Identify the essentials and eliminate the rest – Minimalistic life is a good life and it’s enough.

◦ Even thou sometimes what we face could be unwanted, unexpected challenges – it comes our way so we emerge even more resilient than ever before. Maybe this is why it’s referred as ‘testing times’ so we become aware of our real strength and weaknesses that really matters.

◦ Tough times always gives way to better days where patience becomes a beautiful virtue and someone’s opinion can simply remain as someone’s opinion.

◦ Immense possibilities exists in intense difficulties and productivity is not pandemic dependant neither is this position or setting dependant- the real Heroes have proven it so well all throughout the world.

◦ Self-care is not a privilege but a priority. And resting is not a waste of time but an essential part of our prep to peak performances. A good music tuned in according to the mood has the special powers to become your stress-buster.

◦ We can maintain focus on our goals, purpose and priorities in life or pay attention to news, but we can’t do both at the same time – Attention has become our new currency after all.

◦ Forgiveness is for no one else but for our own selves, it helps us become more productive. And acceptance makes any sort of pain a lot bearable. A quieter and lighter mind is far more creative than the one carrying excess baggage – Meditation proves to be simply as essential as our daily dose of nutrition.

◦ Family and Friends are the most important asset of one’s life and their safety and security is ‘the most important’ – even above any socialising or entertainment requirements. And we have to make expressing our love more and often a habit.

◦ Prayer is a powerful strength-builder, wherein Gratitude is the antidote to all insecurities – a must for all big and most importantly small things, even when life goes back to normal.

The year that brought many BITTERSWEET times as it approaches it’s end today, it teaches another very valuable lesson to all of us, that ‘thou life can only be understood backwards; it must be lived forwards’. I do hope that you will join me today in paying gratitude for everything we have and for the ability that we posses within to repair, recover, adapt and grow. I personally have learnt a lot from 2020.

While past remains a memory, future becomes a wish, so all we really have in the moment is our present and we got to value every bit of it.

And in this present moment, I wish you and your loved ones tranquility, peace of mind, and a brilliant, healthy, productive, soulful and happy 2021! Happy New Year 🤗❤️

Love and Light always 💚💚

Jyoti Singh


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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