Snowflake ❄️

Spinning and dancing in the air
Twirling and whirling, here and there
Like soft cotton wool flakes
Slowly, sometimes hurriedly, but always silently
descending each tiny frosty crystal of intricate design

Born from the raindrop, laced by the breeze
With each feather touch, bringing divine love into our realm that spreads across in its purest form soaked in peace

Each flake so delicate and small,
just as two of them are never meant to be the same,
And yet holding a significant worth in every scene
As though a cue from up above, reminding of uniformity, despite the uniqueness each one of us hold within

Covering the ground with a velvet flow
Coating each branch that’s once been bare,
Outlining the greys and browns evenly with whitest layer
Creating the most vivid contrast against the deep blue sky
And swiftly changing the whole landscape with its brightest glow

A diamond of light, a precious gem from the sky,
freely falling, are the effulgent glows serving as a gentle reminder,
Of the precious and rare beauty that we all came along
Only to brighten the world with love and grace
on this never-ending journey of hope that goes on

Not hesitating in welcoming the shining Sun
Always together, never alone
clinging to one another and eventually melting down,
Transforming itself back into it’s liquid form
Demonstrating its flexibility in nature
Teaching us all a very valuable lesson –
To become versatile with ever changing needs
of our minds, bodies and the world around, no matter what goes or comes along…


Jyoti Singh


Jyoti Singh View All →

A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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