My Fellow Women 💗💗

Happy International Women’s day – My Fellow Women! And thank you to all the supporting Men – Jyoti Singh

Let’s today, start with thanking all the men in our lives who cooperated with us and encouraged us to become the woman we always dreamt of becoming! Thank you to all the men who celebrated with us our success and our learnings, believed in equality, respected and provided for without counting or exhibiting. Thank you beloved Father, Husband, Sons, Brothers, Father in law, Brother in laws, Uncles, Friends, Colleagues, Inspiring Leaders and Teachers you all are such substantial empowering examples to many who still have a lot to learn.

Thank you to all the woman who stood firm as pillars of strength and inspiration, who enabled a support system and created the space and legacy by leading the way for us to bloom and blossom together, to take up on many responsibilities which to begin with was condemned as not even worthy of us. To our Mother, Sisters, Aunts, Mother in law, Sister in laws, Friends, Colleagues, Inspiring Leaders and Teachers – we owe this day to you 🙏🏻 And may our Daughters and generations to follow celebrate this day more as International Equality Day in future, but for now it definitely is a very Happy Woman’s Day my fellow Women considering how far we all have come together from where it all began 🤗💖

Today, I also through this post, wish to share with you some words of wisdom that I learnt through my journey of womanhood…

🌸 In our not so bright moments, may we continue to love, let go, forgive, walk away, try again, preserve, and become the strongest and bestest versions of ourselves, who is able to make it through the worsts of all.

🌸 Forever we become the fearless warriors who dares to face everything with grace and never ever backs down from the storm that paces our way.

🌸 Let’s forgive ourselves for allowing them to hurt us but never then letting that ever happen again to ourselves or anyone else around.

🌸 And let there remain no doubt on what we prefer to stand for and against…

🌸 Life may have time after time shown us things we never wanted to see, though we forever remain proud of the fact, that we got up each time, it knocked us and we chose to look the problem straight in the eye. Hence, what once came to break us instead helped us grow through.

🌸 Let strength, dignity, happiness, joy, elegance, creation, nurturing, uplifting, warmth, gentleness, honesty, acceptance, become our indomitable nature.

🌸 And we embrace the freedom to choose kindness, depth, humility, compassion, creativity, inner beauty over outer and definitely respect over attention.

🌸 Don’t ever play the victim, don’t attempt looking the pitiable and do not point fingers in someone else’s direction. No judgment and jealousy too…

🌸 Steer clear from those who are filled with tendencies to belittle, disrespect, mistreat, take for granted, or look like self esteem attackers, they don’t even deserve our attention let alone our energy and thoughts. Show them how a real woman is about building one another up instead of tearing one down.

🌸 Finding balance between practicality and spirituality is a lot like what womanhood is about – as we sail through making those heavy or light choices or even those big or small decisions in life., finding our inner balance becomes our outmost priority…

🌸 Love yourself, be yourself and never stop believing you have far more power over your impacts in life, and those only are enabled through the magic you are capable of carrying within, so do give yourself more credits than you think you deserve!

🌸 Keep going my brave-hearts and let the light that you carry within shine brighter and brighter by each passing day!

Love and respect always to you my beautiful fellow women 💗💗


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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