Colour 🪅

As the morning begins with the golden hues
Contrasting against the deep blue sky and clouds of gray
I see the blooms in yellow, white, purple and red, orange also the pinks and blues
Spread across the meadow in shades of green just as a Mother’s truest love…

Which makes me think,
Is true love truly red? I really think it’s evergreen…

When vibrancy of colours merges together,
In the tones of rainbow dancing through the joyful lights and comforting shadows
Emerging from past and present, becoming a reflection of our minds
With symphony of these colours, we get many stories to tell
While filling the canvas of our lives, expressing each one from the depths of our hearts…

Thanks be to the Mother Nature! Who gave us all this gift of colour! The beauty of the marvellous world we see and feel around…
Here I embrace each and every colour as they hold deeper meanings,
Together making me feel alive…

Jyoti Singh


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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