A Mother’s Diary 💗📕

From holding you in my arms to watching you play – The time has flown by
I loved you dearly from the day one and that will never change as I always will be your Mum.

All I give you is my best and straight from my heart my precious one,
Making sure you are alright is the only priority of my life.
Whatever the hurt and bruises I am here to kiss it better for you.
Here to hold and hug you tight, whenever you cry.
To tuck you in with my warm touch and gaze. Seeing the world through your eyes.
I’ll always be with you to give you hope, dreams and wings to fly…

Treasuring all your discovered rocks and shells and your excitement in the box from the time we first walked and sometimes stumbling holding hands at the beach.
Very delicately still holding all the flowers that you picked from the meadows just for me.
Decorating my heart and room with all the precious things you say and draw.

Here I stand clapping my hands and still cheering, forever I remain your cheer leader, your best friend, no matter who else ever you call to be your’s.
Feeling proud of all your learnings and achievements every single day…

Teaching you everything that you never think you need to know, but just listen close my loved one, those may be the ways to the path that may bring you home
And help you to be wise, help you let go and to give you faith that you’ll be safe.
My beautiful baby you know that I guide you with all my love which may sometimes be gentle, tough or firm.
It’s all to enable you to find your light that you much hold close in your heart as the darkness falls each night.

I am here for you my Angel to guide you with my grace always…
I am here to catch you my baby, if you fall
I see you no matter however far apart
You my treasure are always in my heart
So I know everything even the ones that you can’t say out loud!

You make me proud, yes you do! I say it again you do, and again you do…
You mean the world to me you are my forever number one!
I love you to the moon and past the stars my precious one 💗

Jyoti Singh


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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