Children’s Mental & Emotional Health is most important 💚💚

My dear children, Whatever you may be going through at the moment, this matters! – Jyoti Singh

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and given the unprecedented times we are all living in, there has not been a better time to teach our children to express themselves about their comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. It’s an opportunity to encourage them to find creative ways in which they can share their thoughts, ideas concerns, feelings and emotions. It could be in the way that truly works for them and they choose – whether through plain and simple spoken words, art, drawing, painting, craft, story, poem, essay, song, music, dance, martial art, acting, role play, drama, mimicry, jokes, comedy, or photography. It’s important they are able to find ways that makes them feel their true feelings and something that helps them feel good about themselves. Do read and show your precious ones this little note from me 💚

My dear children, Whatever you may be going through at the moment, this matters! We know you are missing out on so many things that you were used to doing in the pre COVID-19 times but time and again you have proven through your resilience and ability to adapt, that you are much better in managing and dealing with any given situation than us adults. You are better than us in accepting things too and hence, many of us adults around may struggle with that fact too.

Through my note especially for you today, I want to encourage you to think of the comfortable ways to express yourself, not just for this week but as an on going process.

Remember that being able to express yourself is not just about being best at something – There could be so many things that you may love, but may not particularly be best at. Like for me, it’s painting, singing and dancing! I have always loved expressing myself through colours, my scribbles, singing in the shower and dance moves that really are not as good as others and will surely make you laugh 😆. There are so many more such activities that I am particularly not good at, but I don’t stop doing that, as I believe it’s not always just about putting a performance for others, rather it is about finding a way to be able to express, what you feel and who you are and how do you see the world. This not only helps us as individuals but also our parents, friends and families around. You know what’s the biggest mishap of this world today? I really think it’s when two people fail to understand each other! And how can we blame others for not understanding us, if we have not established a way to really communicate in the tone that really feels our own!!

Raised tone, screaming or shouting whether it comes from you or your parents is only a way to show the frustration of not understanding each other. So let’s work on this aspect from today which will help us and people around us understand who we truly are and what do we really think and want in a calmer state of mind, by being ourselves.

Right now we are all experiencing every kind of emotion and hence it becomes absolutely vital that we express ourselves to articulate how, what and When we feel something – why can sometimes be vague. It has been for me and many of us around so don’t stress too much about it.

For everything you are feeling – there has to be a way to express yourself by let’s say drawing, decorating your room, dancing, singing, acting or wearing a particular colour to reflect your mood. I know you are all so creative that you will figure out something to acknowledge what’s going within you. In fact I promise you that the more you express, the more creative you will become.

We all know exercising regularly is good for our physical health, but you also need your imaginations to give your beautiful minds some much needed exercise on a regular basis. And when you feel that you are getting grips of it, why not share the joy and wellbeing with your friends and family too – tell each other jokes, do a dress up day, make up or even a spa day, write poems, messages for each other. I have recently seen and heard some amazing expressions when my daughter and her friends played together in the virtual world while in lockdown! I am sure you have more better ideas and maybe you can share those with me too, just ask your parents on how to reach out to me 🤗

And before I bring this note to an end, I wanted to give you a few tips about starting anything new that you wish:

Be yourself – It all starts with being yourself in whatever you choose to do. Usually when we embark on something new, many of us try to be other people, maybe imitate our role models, yet we don’t feel the satisfaction of commencing that activity. Somehow we grow up with the fear of non acceptance. We get worried – that people may not like you for being you, but the truth is everyone is looking for something fresh and new in this ever changing world, which only you can bring out in your very own ways. So it has to start with what you love doing, and making yourself happy and most importantly being yourself.

Find your inspiration – Keep your eyes and ears open, be interested, be curious – there’s inspiration in everything you set your eyes on, and that is sure to spark something interesting in you.

Don’t procrastinate – It’s funny I am saying that as I love writing and I always have something to write about with lots of thoughts and ideas brewing in my head, but it’s just writing those in a structured form to share with everyone – from all those phrases or things that comes to me and I put on notepads and post-it notes. Though I think this note here is a proof that I do get to it most of the times. So you too should get started, now!

Open the doors – Right now, we all feel like we’re all cooped up but it’s very important that mentally we all keep opening the doors and keep exploring new things. It’s very easy to get stuck in one room in our mind as well as literally. That’s the only way you will be able find your true passion for life.

Find your voice – As we now realise that to express ourselves we don’t really need to limit ourselves to just one thing, I hope some of the pointers on things that you think will come useful in expressing yourself and in sharing your feelings – this may also help you find your own voice or thoughts on certain topics like importance of kindness and friendship in your life, climate change, poverty, inclusivity or any other issues around and you might find a way in your own very way to bring the positive change around you for someone you care about. So do use the voice that you constantly keep finding along, for the people and causes that are close to your heart.

I really hope all of the above helps you in the ways beneficial to you. Remember there’s only one you so be yourself and definitely remain true to yourself! Take care, stay safe, blessed and have a very very good week ahead our superstars 💚💚


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A very keen Learner and Writer, but most importantly a Mother 💞|| Mental and Emotional Health Advocate || Love Saree Culture Nature Children || Digital Transformation Leader || Blockchain AI IOT Enthusiast but a Human first 💗

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  1. Fantastic article Jyoti !
    So encouraging for our kids . It will definitely give them guidance and hope . Very well structured article. I loved the idea of putting thoughts on piece of paper or post it note. My guide in Mphil thesis had this habit of carrying a note book all the time to capture his floating thoughts .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Rashmi! Really appreciate you taking out time to read the article 💚
      Yes, I try my best to keep that habit going – have found notes app on my phone handy too, in the absence of pen/ paper.


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